Introducing the Next-Generation Cellvizio®
Real-Time In Vivo Cellular Imaging Platform

Built with enhanced capabilities, this entirely new system uses Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) advanced imaging technology to deliver cellular visualization virtually anywhere in the human body.

Cellvizio lets you see precisely what’s occurring in the human body, at the cellular level in real time. It’s visibility on a micro level, with macro potential to transform patient management and care. Next-generation Cellvizio pushes the boundaries of interventional medicine, and creates the unique opportunity to monitor, assess, classify, and guide the diagnosis and care of various diseases and cancers like never before.

Download the interactive Next-Generation Cellvizio Overview to learn more:

Treat in one less endoscopy procedure. Save valuable healthcare resources. Increase patient satisfaction.

According to data presented at DDW 2023, “the use of Cellvizio is associated with lower health services utilization of endoscopy, anesthesia, biopsy, ablation and higher patient satisfaction.” With the Next-Generation Cellvizio, you could achieve better clinical outcomes for improved patient satisfaction, all while saving time and money in the process. Don’t hesitate to learn how Cellvizio integrates into your practice for improved patient care.

Randhawa N, et al. A comparison of patient satisfaction and healthcare resource use in patient with Barrett's Esophagus using CLE based approach versus standard of care. DDW 2023 Poster.