Introducing the Next-Generation Cellvizio®
Real-Time In Vivo Cellular Imaging Platform

Mauna Kea Technologies is excited to highlight the next-generation Cellvizio platform. Built with enhanced capabilities, this entirely new system uses Confocal Laser Endomicroscopy (CLE) advanced imaging technology to deliver cellular visualization virtually anywhere in the human body.

Cellvizio lets you see precisely what’s occurring in the human body, at the cellular level in real time. It’s visibility on a micro level, with macro potential to transform patient management and care. Next-generation Cellvizio pushes the boundaries of interventional medicine, and creates the unique opportunity to monitor, assess, classify, and guide the diagnosis and care of various diseases and cancers like never before.

A Sleek Platform
with Enhanced Capabilities

This new generation system architecture is built with enhanced capabilities including small footprint, optimized integration into procedure rooms, and is easy to maneuver and use. Additionally, the platform will include integration of deep learning (artificial intelligence) capabilities for assisted image pattern recognition. Building off the success of the previous models, the new generation of Cellvizio equips physicians with the most advanced technology to improve patients’ lives.

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Discover the Details of
Next-Generation Cellvizio®


Small Footprint

Easy to maneuver and integrates in the operating room due to its small footprint and slim profile.


Confocal Miniprobes™

Range of probes for various indications in gastroenterology and pulmonology.


Workflow Integration

Picture-in-Picture (PiP) enables optimized integration into endoscopic, bronchoscopic, or operating environments, with DICOM connectivity for patient data sharing, retrieval, review, and archiving.

Easy operation

Easy Operation

Intuitive and responsive touch-screen interface and single-handed probe connection for quick startup.


Future Platform Capabilities

Artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled for assisted image pattern recognition and additional wavelengths and modalities, to support fluorescence-guided surgery and molecular imaging.