Mauna Kea Technologies is committed to advancing the scientific discovery associated with COVID-19, and contributing to the improvement of COVID-19 patient care by supporting investigator sponsored research.

Clinical Interests and Research Submission Process

Mauna Kea Technologies is offering in-kind funding to researchers evaluating what role Cellvizio may play in the care management of COVID-19 patients, by assessing lung fibrosis and microvascularization changes, and alveolar and capillary morphology damages; symptoms observed in severe acute and/or long COVID-19 patients with mild to severe respiratory infections.

Interested clinical teams are encouraged to initiate dialogue about their projects using the form on this page. Once the form is submitted, a member of the Mauna Kea Technologies team will contact you to discuss the project further.

Mauna Kea Technologies can support:

  • Cellvizio system and probes (in-kind support)
  • Statistical analysis expertise
  • Data management expertise
  • Study protocol creation and review

Mauna Kea Technologies must receive a copy of the Investigational Review Board (IRB) or Ethics Committee (EC) protocol approval letter before any in-kind support can be provided for a clinical study. If a waiver is granted by the IRB/EC, please submit a copy of waiver documentation.

Note: Mauna Kea Technologies assesses all requests for scientific merit and strategic interest and does not make decisions based upon past, present or future opportunities to generate business or goodwill from investigators.

Research Discussion Initiation Form