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In vivo Cancer Imaging: monitor the tumor and its microenvironment at cellular resolution

Webinar recorded on November 29, 2016

Cellvizio Lab delivers real-time images of any tissue at cellular resolution in vivo. It allows getting detailed information about the molecular events involved in tumor progression or in response to treatment. For example, tortuous tumor vessels or biomarkers of angiogenesis can be imaged and studied in vivo.

During this webinar, several scientific articles will be presented to illustrate the potential of Cellvizio Lab in Cancer Research. Topics in fundamental and translational research will be discussed, such as tumor imaging, tumor microenvironment, and nanomedicine.

Topics covered

  • In vivo imaging at cellular resolution with Cellvizio Lab
  • Multimodal imaging of colorectal cancer
  • Validation of targeted drug delivery to tumors
  • Angiogenesis and extravasation imaging
  • Drug activity monitoring

Duration: 45 mins

Followed by Live Q&A 

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Presented by


Elodie Ly, Ph.D.
Product Marketing Manager, Mauna Kea Technologies, France

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